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Course Catalogues

Course Catalogues:
  • 6-year Medical Program in English 


  • 4-year Medical Program in English 


  • 5-year Program of Pharmacy is held in Polish. Erasmus students are offered individual tutorials with English speaking teachers



  • 5-year Program of Dentistry in English



Programs delivered  in the Polish language: 

MEDICINE - http://1wl.wum.edu.pl/dziekanat-1wl/ogloszenia

PHYSIOTHERPY - http://2wl.wum.edu.pl/pl/kierunek-fizjoterapia/ogloszenia

DENTISTRY - http://wld.wum.edu.pl/dziekanat/ogloszenia

PHARMACY - http://wf.wum.edu.pl/

HEALTH SCIENCES: Nursing, Public Health, Dietetics, Midwifery, Emergency Medicine -  http://wnoz.wum.edu.pl/oferta/studia-I-i-II-stopnia 


Information for the exchange students willing to study at the Medical University of Warsaw for 1 or 2 semester, is provided by the INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICE.

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