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Justyna Pordzik – a student of the English Division II Faculty of Medicine – amongst the winners of the INTERSTUDENT competition

The INTERSTUDENT competition recognizes leaders amongst international students studying in Poland. This year Justyna Pordzik who is in her sixth year of studies at the English Division II Faculty of Medicine received an award for her achievements in research.  The 8th INTERSTUDENT Gala took place on January 29th in Gliwice during the annual International Students in Poland Conference organized by CRASP and Perspektywy Education Foundation. Prof. Bożena Werner, Dean of the English Division who nominated Justyna for the award, joined Justyna on stage to congratulate her student.

Justyna is co-author of six research publications and has an Impact Factor of 11,381 (118 in the Polish measuring system).  She received a first-degree Rector’s Award for Individuals in 2017 for her contribution to research projects.  She is also a winner of the prestigious Diamond Grant of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. This award resulted in the initiation of Justyna’s doctoral thesis in December 2017 at the First Faculty of Medicine and provided funds to support Justyna’s  subsequent research. Justyna’s grant tutor and doctoral thesis advisor is Marek Postuła, PhD from the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology.

“The Medical University of Warsaw has given me the opportunity to develop my research interests and personal skills beyond anything I could have ever dreamed,” says Justyna.

As president of the English Division Student Government (EDSG), she encourages her peers to take advantage of the amazing resources available to students at the Medical University of Warsaw. She is also president of the Pharmacogenomics Student Research Club at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacy of the First Faculty of Medicine, and founded the Obstetrics, Women's Diseases and Gynecologic Oncology Student Research Club at the Second Faculty of  Medicine. Justyna is also an active member of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) in Poland.

Justyna’s commitment to the English Division students and successes as an international medical student at MUW have certainly contributed to the promotion of the program. We are delighted that Justyna has become an “ambassador”  of the Medical University of Warsaw because her personality and achievements boasts our University.

We also extend our congratulations to the other INTERSTUDENT 2018 winners. You are invaluable partners in the internationalization process of Polish universities. Your leadership amongst international students in Poland is fundamental in building bridges between the different cultures on campus and with our Polish culture.  Thank you for helping us reach this goal.

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