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The opening of the MUW Psychological Counseling Center

We are pleased to announce the opening of the MUW Psychological Counseling Center. As of March 1st, all students of the Medical University of Warsaw - Polish and international students – are invited to use the Center’s services. The MUW Psychological Counseling Center will offer individual therapy, psychological counseling, coaching, training in biofeedback techniques and sexology consultations by a team of eight specialists (psychologists and sexologists).

The Center is located in the ZIAM building at 81 Żwirki i Wigury, room 73. To book an appointment, contact the Center’s coordinating director dr Magdalena Łazarewicz of the Department of Psychology and Medical Communication at MUW at magdalena.lazarewicz@wum.edu.pl. Consultations are free.

For more information about the MUW Psychological Counseling Center visit www.ucs.wum.edu.pl

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